Oculavis, Or How Machines Can Be Repaired By Experts From Thousands Of Miles Away

Imagine a specialist literally looking through your eyes from somewhere on the other side of the planet. They guide you to solve an issue you’d need his set of hands on location for normally. Instead of long flights, expensive trips and tedious waiting times, you’d be able to solve your issues by implementing the solution your specialist demonstrates from miles away. Using the latest technologies, oculavis does just that.

How oculavis Tackles International Machine Maintenance

Oculavis is a German startup that the media has first heard about in 2016. It was the idea of three pioneering maintenance experts. They wanted to revolutionise the way manufacturers manage repairs all over the world.

Founded in 2016, oculavis has a team of 30 experts from 10 nations all over the world who are operating under the brand. oculavis implements its set of features that are impetuous for a smooth remote support operation. Various software products, alongside a team of dedicated experts, management features and integrated semi or fully automated solutions allow for the smooth working of oculavis SHARE, which can help companies better deal with their daily operations.

One of the key aspects of the oculavis is remote support. The most frequent way of implementing it is by using video calls. The team designed these video calls to save companies time and a lot of money. Otherwise, companies would have to fly the experts in and out, provide accommodation and other services and therefore deal with an invoice based on the services provided. 

Oculavis includes smart glasses, alongside a set of augmented reality annotations, many-to-many communication, and whiteboard functionality on top of a frozen stream. Additionally, full hardware control of the camera, microphone and flashlight are at the base of the service provided regardless of where the actual machine that needs service is in the world. 

Recently, Oculavis was awarded by EIT Digital with the first prize in the “Digital Industry” category at the EIT Digital Challenge.

What’s Next for oculavis?

According to the founders of oculavis, the next step for the startup is to extend to the European market. Most of their current clients, although global operators, come from Germany. The first market they’re about to tackle into is Northern Italy. The possibilities of growth for oculavis are endless, especially in a European environment where businesses that revolutionise industries receive public funding if they prove a benefit to the economy.

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