Three Gadgets to Simplify Your To-Do List, Featuring BatteryPal




Meet BatteryPal, your phone’s best friend

Batteries are designed to lose their quality once a specified battery cycle count has been reached. The battery cycle count refers to the number of times a battery has been used up and fully recharged. This gadget can help extend battery life for smartphones. 


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BatteryPal is the first smart charger that monitors and controls your battery’s consumption and loss of energy when connected to a charger, laptop, or car charger. BatteryPal prevents overcharging and overheating. Overcharging causes your battery to be weak, reducing your phone’s mobility by destroying your battery’s capacity.

BatteryPal is designed to discharge or recharge your phone at a flexible pace depending on the mode. There are three major modes, namely; car mode, work mode and night mode. In work mode, BatteryPal keeps your phone at 100% without overcharging. In night mode, your phone charges slowly, so it won’t overcharge until you’re ready to start your day while car mode prevents overheating due to car temperature and constant usage.

To change the mode, all you need do is tap the smart widget or notification bar. Then, choose the setting you want. BatteryPal is indeed your phone’s best friend. Check out BatteryPal, which is live for pre-orders on Indiegogo. 

Control your smart home and get tasks done with Ayi, the first smart mirror

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Lara had a stressful day at work. Upon reaching home, she managed to get her shoes off her swollen feet and lay on the bed. She needs to talk to her boyfriend, David, adjust the room temperature, and keep her boss in the loop; but she can’t do everything by herself because she’s exhausted. Ayi is here to help.

Ayi is the globe’s most visually appealing smart mirror that can also serve as a personal assistant and smart home portal. Supported by AI tech, Ayi smart mirror can perform several functions such as playing music, calling Uber, and scheduling appointments. Ayi has three key features, namely; Ayi voice, Ayi health, and Ayi schedule. The speech feature allows it to recognize the user’s voice and carry out information based on verbal order. The health feature helps users analyze their health with the data they provide while the schedule feature allows Ayi to run a swift check on your schedule and help you attain your daily tasks like delivering groceries and booking a flight.

Sketch perfect pictures and keep your To-do list updated with Joto, a robotic drawing board


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When it comes to sketching a perfect picture despite having no drawing skills or updating your to-do list without holding a pen, Joto is your best bet. The robotic drawing board is designed with a pen and eraser. Unlike manual drawing boards, Joto draws images itself. It is similar to a flexible wall gallery that could feature various sketches, love notes, puzzles, and To-do lists.

Users can connect Joto to virtual assistants to send orders verbally. All you need do is send a picture or jots to Joto from anywhere you are. The AI-controlled drawing board is designed to update its board once it has received an order from you. Joto comes with a refillable pen, automatic eraser, and wifi.