Kleros Blockchain at StartupTVvideo

How to Solve Disputes in an Affordable and Transparent Way

Kleros is a blockchain dispute resolution protocol layer that provides fast, secure and affordable arbitration. Kleros connects users in need of solving disputes with jurors, who have the necessary skills to settle them.

Geospin: Big Data Analytics For Smart Cities

Where should I open my store? Or where is it worth to build an electric car charging station? Geospin collects and combines public data with company data and uses machine learning and deep learning to analyze the hidden structures and dynamics of cities.

Ava Helps Women to Get a Better Understanding of Their Body

The startup Ava has innovated a more modern way for women to track their cycles and their daily health at every phase of their life.
BeRide gathers various  attractive outdoor activities on a single platform.video

Will the Startup BeRide Become GetYourGuide’s New Competitor?

Do you want to travel the world and are you looking for the ultimate travel experience? The startup BeRide brings outdoor activities in Lisbon in one place so visitors can easily enjoy their stay.

Turn Your Car Into an Autonomous Vehicle

Are you dreaming about having a self-driving car, but don’t want to invest tons of money in a new vehicle? BaseTracK technology found a solution that can turn your beloved car into a driverless one.

PitchYourStartup at IFA 2018

Welcome to the future! IFA NEXT in Hall 26 is packed with innovative ideas and products. Let's discover some of the most exciting startup ideas presented at IFA 2018.
Management of the SolarisBankvideo

This Bank Aims to Make Other Financial Institutions Redundant

Solaris Bank gives clients the ability to build their own banking products with their API accessible banking platform.

Dried Exotic Smoothies Made of Ripe Fruits

Berlin-based food startup Buah introduced a healthy snack alternative. Freshly harvested and ripe, Buah offers wide range of freeze-dried fruits and vegetables that will make snacking guilt-free.

GUTS Tickets Aim to Provide Fair Ticket Prices For Everyone

GUTS Tickets prevents ticket fraud and exorbitantly high priced tickets by registering them on the blockchain. In GUTS Tickets system a ticket knows itself who the owner is, to who it is resold and what the maximum price can be at the secondary market.

Off-Grid Energy Products to Light up Homes

Are you looking for a way to stay connected while camping? And what about a stove that charges your phone while cooking? BioLite offers off-grid energy devices to customers in outdoor and emerging markets.

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