20. April 2020

Alan, the digital health insurance provider, raises €50.000.000 to build the future of healthcare

€ 50.000.000
Series C
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  • The new  round  of  funding  will  enable  Alan  to  launch  additional  health services,  expand  internationally  and  help  build  a  frictionless,  fair  and friendly healthcare system for everyone.
  • Alan started  in  2016  by  creating  the  only  independent  digital  health insurance in France.
  • Alan’s ambition   is   to   transform   the   healthcare   industry   to   a   more human-centric model that delivers better care for all.

Alan,  the  leading  independent  digital  health  insurance  provider  in  France,  has closed  a  €50  million  Series  C  investment  round  to  transform  how  healthcare  is delivered  to  everyone. Temasek, a global investment company headquartered in Singapore,  led  the  round  along with existing investors including Index Ventures. This brings the company’s total amount raised since founding to €125 million.

Alan  aims  to deliver better outcomes for all and contribute to better functioning healthcare    systems    by    fundamentally    rethinking    how    people    access   care, through   a   more   human-centric,   preventative,   digital   and   transparent   model. Further, the company‘s vision is to be a true partner in health for all its members in France, and soon across Europe.

“Once  the  world  begins  to  emerge  from  the  COVID-19  health  crisis,  we  believe that  expectations  and  demands  on  the  healthcare  system  will  lead  to  a  much faster transition to digital solutions. This is not just about convenience, but about delivering better care,” commented Jean-Charles Samuelian, co-founder and CEO of Alan.

Alan  has  already  given  shape  to  this  vision  by  offering  to  its  members  fast  and easy   access   to   medical   professionals,   through   in-person   appointments   or  by video.   Clients   are   provided   with   frictionless   access   to   information   and   care support  through  the  company‘s  app,  which  includes  tools  to  better  anticipate

health   journeys   which   may   involve   many   different   health   professionals   and clinics.   Offerings   include   “Alan   Map”   which   enables   users   to   quickly   source medical   help   and   handle   all   reimbursements,   and   the  Doctor  Address  Book which allows members to keep all their doctor information in one place.

In response to COVID-19, Alan has also introduced “Coup de pouce”, free access to the latest available information on the pandemic, personalized symptom checker, free  telemedicine  service,  as  well  as  helping  to  improve  mental  well-being  of users through mediation and yoga.

Alan’s vision for the future of healthcare

Jean-Charles Samuelian noted:

“Since   its   creation,   Alan   has   been   driven   by   its   mission   to   make   the healthcare  system frictionless, fair and friendly for everyone. In the current crisis,  this  is  more  needed  than  ever.  The  global  COVID-19  outbreak  has reinforced  people’s  aspiration  for  more  control  over their health, and for a better healthcare system at every level.”

Alan continues to pursue its long-term mission through:

  1. Offering the best health insurance coverage to its members, individuals and    companies:    With    an    insurance    offering    which   revolves   around simplicity,  speed,  and  availability,  Alan  has  the  capability  to  provide  extra care  to  its  community.  By  keeping  onboarding  and  reimbursement  fast, members  can  efficiently  manage  their  finances  and  their  time.  Alan  will keep  investing  to  make health insurance quickly accessible when needed the most.
  2. Digitising companies: Being 100% digital, Alan has built several services to help  Human Resources (HR) professionals better serve their employees by providing   accurate   information,   symptom   checker,   stress-management tools,  and  telemedicine.  Alan,  which  is  suited  for  teams  of  1000  and  over, aims to become a HR gateway to employee health and wellbeing.
  3. Building the  future  of  healthcare: Alan’s ambition is to become the main app  people  will  use  to:  access  instant  information when they are stressedabout  their  health,  find  and  communicate  with  healthcare  professionals and  receive  personalised  proactive  health  advice.  For  Alan,  the  future  of healthcare    is    based    on    empowering    the    user    while    ensuring    data protection remains robust.
  4. Expanding internationally:  Recognising  the  growing  demand  for  quality healthcare,   Alan’s   goal   is   to   provide   its   services   on   a   broader   scale. Following   the   opening   of   two   new   offices   in   Spain   and   Belgium   this summer,  Alan  aims  to  expand  in  most  European  countries  in  the  next  5 years.