21. February 2020

BluWave-ai Energy is Optimising Energy Outputs, Pushing Us Towards Renewable Sources

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Canada-based startup BluWave-ai Energy, founded in 2017, seeks to answer the ever-present question of clean, renewable energy. Utilising artificial intelligence and machine learning technology, the system developed by BluWave-ai can predict changes in the grid and respond in order to better optimise power output and usage. The company, with the gathered data, can then say what the best method and schedule of energy production is. By predicting how much renewable energy such as wind or solar is needed, they can reduce the fossil fuels used to compensate if the renewable energy is lacking.

Its cloud-based AI collects data on weather, consumer and historic patterns, as well as current situations in order to predict what will happen in the future. This allows the program as well as the operators to know how much renewable energy is needed at any given moment. 

BluWave-ai – A Leader in Renewable Energy Wind farm on a sunny day with wind turbines and green fields.

In late 2019, BluWave-ai became the first “deploy real-time, cloud-based, AI-enabled energy dispatch” in Canada. Because of this, they became a leader in AI-based clean energy. Also at the end of 2019, they received the award for Outstanding Clean Technology Company at the 75th Annual Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Ottawa Section AGM.

BluWave-ai’s greatest success story so far is the city of Summerside on Prince Edward Island in Canada. The city utilized its wind and solar infrastructure for their energy supply but had to import over 50% of its energy from neighbouring power grids because of cloudy or windless days causing low power production. When BluWave-ai implemented their AI technology, it was able to optimize Summerside’s energy production and usage. The city of Summerside saw a 50% improvement in the accuracy of energy scheduling, saving the town money and reducing their carbon footprint.

In 2020, BluWave-ai began a deal with one of the largest utility companies in India in order to help India’s push for clean renewable energy and development. It has also been looking to other emerging markets like Asia and Africa to help them develop the means to clean energy without having to rely too heavily on fossil fuels.

Founder and CEO Devashish Paul states that using BluWave’s artificial intelligence technology, utility operations all around the world can “dramatically reduce the carbon footprint… reduce their cost of operation, and basically return operational efficiencies to their bottom line.”