60seconds Live Show #10

1. HyperCart

Stanislav Maer, the CEO of HyperCart, told us how their object detection AI revolutionizes the shopping experience. HyperCart developed a solution that enables shoppers to simply put groceries into the shopping cart and don’t worry about the rest. They can pay with one click without having to wait endlessly in lines to pay at a checkout counter.

2. Imagine Intelligent Materials

Imagine Intelligent Material designed a proprietary graphene sensing technology for the Internet of Things. The technology can extract valuable information from the materials that things are made from, then process them and deliver to the user. Phillip Aitchison, the Head of R&D / IP Strategy, told us how they integrate sensing systems into various materials in order to provide measurable and manageable information.

3. Panthea

David Maß from Panthea is an avid theater fan who wants to enable everyone to enjoy live theater performances in a language they understand. The Berlin and Paris based startup offers innovative surtitle solutions for the performing arts. We also got the chance to try their AR glasses on that allow viewers to simultaneously enjoy the staging and see subtitles in real time.

4. Lunative

Lunative creates electric apparel that is fully washable, very durable and simply cool. Andreas Lanyi, the VP of Digital Unit & IoT at Lunative, told us about the immense possibilities their solution offers. The magic formula is called ACTIVE AMBIENT LIGHTWEAR. This invisible light technology is stitched into the textiles, which creates unique lighting effect with the touch of a button.

5. Crove

The name of the startup Crove combines “crafts” and “glove”. Alicia Sophia Hinon, the co-founder of Crove, explained to us how they aim to revolutionize the way we interact with technology. Their 3D-printed glove features number of sensors that enable, e.g. maintenance workers to leave the papers behind and intuitively and ergonomically interact with technology.

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Thomas Brömme
Thomas Brömme
Thomas ist Gründer und Head of StartupTV. Er ist verantwortlich für Konzeption, Strategie und Finanzen.

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