Pitch Your Startup

At 60seconds startups have the chance to pitch their ideas in 60 seconds. We broadcast the show live every Friday at 2 pm from Berlin. Do you want to let the world know about your startup?


60seconds Live Show #12

This week we invited 3 startup representatives to pitch on our show: Julian Wächter, the co-founder of Livebird, Ronald Liebermann, the Co-Founder & CMO of shoutr labs, and Raphael Fellmer, the co-founder & CEO of SIRPLUS, all told us about their products and the problems that they are solving.

60seconds Live Show #11

This week we invited 3 startup representatives to pitch on our show: Dr. Ina M. Henkel from Tenetrio, Johannes Riedel from AIRPARK, and Marco Herzog from Nuzzera have informed us about their services and products that solve their customer’s problems.

60seconds Live Show #10

This week we invited 5 startup representatives to pitch on our show: Stanislav Maer, the CEO of HyperCart, Phillip Aitchison, Head of R&D / IP Strategy, David Maß from Panthea, Andreas Lanyi, the VP of Digital Unit & IoT at Lunative and Alicia Sophia Hinon, the co-founder of Crove told us about their products and the problems that they are solving.

60seconds Live Show #09

This week we invited 4 startup representatives to pitch on our show: Youssef Hamm from Housy, Dr. Rasmus Rothe from Merantix, Helen Winter from R3SOLUTE, and Alica Paeske from sPERANTO told us about their products and the problems that they are solving.

60seconds Live Show #08

This week we invited 3 startup representatives to pitch on our show: Krishnaveni Vijayanand from biotx.ai, Maximilian Waldmann from Conichi and Leitha Matz from Zuper told us about the problems they are solving.

Kolibree Created an AI-Powered Toothbrush to Improve Oral Hygiene

Kolibree is a company that wants to enhance people's health and lifestyle. They created Ara, a toothbrush that utilizes AI technology to educate people about their brushing performance to prevent plaque and cavities.

Go Back to Basics with Light Phone 2

The Light Phone 2 is a simple, 4G LTE phone that encourages you to leave behind your smartphone and spend time doing the things you love the most, free of distraction.

Mitipi Will Take Away All Worries about Your Home Security

Police recorded more than 1 million home burglaries in 2016 in Europe. Burglars are afraid of confrontation and generally operate during the day when the house is more likely to be unoccupied. Mitipi is a Zurich-based startup that developed Kevin - a smart home device that simulates presence at home.

How to Learn Chinese with Lily, the Smart AI-Powered Speaker

Learning another language has never been easy, but developers at Maybe want to make it simple and effective with Lily, a smart speaker that can teach you Chinese.

Say Bye Bye to Bacteria and Degerm Your Hotel Room with CleanseBot

CleanseBot is the pocket-sized travel gadget that kills bacteria in places such as hotel rooms. The AI smart robot disinfects hotel surfaces and prevents the spread of airborne viruses.

Stream Content on the Go with Piqo – Powerful Pocket-Sized Projector

The Piqo Projector offers 240-inch HD projection from a 2-inch cube and connects wirelessly to your devices or directly via HDMI or USB, making it universally viewable, shareable, portable, and all the more powerful.

Civey Enables Everyone to Know the World’s Intentions

Civey is a German polling institute using an automated statistical algorithm that turns public opinions into actionable insights.

How MYFLYRIGHT Helps Passengers Enforce Customer Claims

MYFLYRIGHT helps passengers acknowledge their rights when dealing with poor customer service. Tools are provided, so that passengers can claim their compensation they deserved.

Have You Always Wished to Be Interviewed? It’s Now Easier Than Ever with the Lama App!

LAMA offers interviews as a service. The video interview platform is designed to help entrepreneurs and founders present themselves and learn from each other. All interview questions are curated by a professional journalist and presented on a single interview page.

FarmCloud: Real-Time Management Solution for Livestock Farming on a Big Scale

In the livestock market, big producers, who have multiple farms in scattered locations, tend to have difficulties gathering real-time information and managing different locations with standardised processes and decisions. AgTech startup FarmCloud has therefore produced a real-time management solution for livestock farming on a big scale.

15toGo: Social Travel Platform Connecting Like-Minded Travelers

15toGo developed a decentralized app for group traveling. Users can personalize their profiles and network with others that share the same interests. They make it easier for users to travel with no hassle and at a more affordable price.

AgriLedger Leverages the DLT Technology to Bring Transparency into the Food Supply Chain

London-based AgTech startup AgriLedger aims to bring transparency into the food supply chain and ensure that farmers get a fair share from what they produce.

Copenhagen-Based Startup Qvest Secured €870k for Its Online Tool to Drive Cross-Functional Change Projects

Startup from Denmark, Qvest, is driving cross-functional change in organizations. Their online tool is a new kind of survey that maps what matters to people in and across an organisation.

Do You Want to Read More? Get Book Recommendations from CoolBeez!

Do you want to recommend to your friend a new book that you recently read? And what if we told you that you can get paid for it? CoolBeez is a startup that developed a platform allowing everyone to generate affiliate links and become an influencer.

Berlin-Based SaaS Baking Platform Mambu Raises €30 Million

FinTechs have managed to change the banking experience game. Traditional banking systems will have to catch-up soon or they will be left behind. Mambu is the modern solution to this problem. The SaaS banking engine powers innovative banking and lending ventures using a cloud-based service.

MapTiler Offers an Add-Free Alternative to Google Maps API

Located in Switzerland and the Czech Republic, the startup allows its users to create highly customizable maps by changing language or colours to match their brand design.

Quibee Aims to Encourage People to Read More Media Content

How can publishers encourage people, and especially millennials, to read more media content? Turin-based communication agency Quibee specializes in proximity marketing, offering media in predefined places.

AR Market Is Blurring the Boundaries Between the Real and the Virtual

AR Market is an Italian startup that built an augmented reality marketplace. Any business can upload their AR content into their solutions to engage with their customers in a revolutionary way.