Cervest, a Climate Forecasting Company, Raises 4.3 Million EUR in Pre-Series A

Climate change could be swift or gradual, but it might not be unpredictable. With a combination of scientific research and modelling methodologies borrowed from AI technology and Earth science, Cervest, a London-based company, can predict the future of a landscape.

Cervest raised more than its 2.9 million EUR target, thanks to Future Positive Capital and a co-investor, Astanor Ventures. The startup would use the 4.3 million EUR to launch the climate forecasting platform, which would aid real estate companies, farmers, government policy-makers, insurance companies and investors in the decision-making process.

The Evolutionary Cervest Model: Behind the Scenes

The Cervest Model offers climate update in real-time through a personalised, measurable, and easy-to-understand dashboard. This model can be used to determine the probability of a natural event happening in an area, for instance; Flood, fire, water-shortage, temperature rise, to mention but a few.

Cervest is run by a team of 50 professionals that graduated from top-notch universities, such as Harvard, Oxford, and Imperial College among others. To detect red-flags in an area, the team employs proven techniques such as satellite imagery and probability theory. The team has reportedly ‘published over 60 scientific papers’. In line with a Cervest report, ‘our unique, multi-discipline approach enables us to simultaneously tie together the multifaceted elements that contribute to our planet’s increasingly volatile climate – across multiple regions.’

Global companies like McVitie, Syngenta, and Lantmännen are instrumental to the development of Cervest algorithms. The tested and trusted beta version of Cervest platform is set to launch next year.

The initial focus of Cervest is mapping the European landscape before launching the beta version. Then, the team would start working on a global landscape.

Capital for a Positive Future

The leading investor, Future Positive Capital, is known for investing its resources in European startups geared towards solving pressing societal issues. Cervest seems to fit into the bigger picture envisaged by the founder of Future Positive Capital, Sofia Hmich. In her words, ‘Our mission is to back companies that use deep tech – and the sharpest and most ambitious minds – to solve the world’s most pressing problems. Making crucial decisions in the face of climate uncertainty is one of them and Cervest is doing just that. With reports suggesting we have fewer than 60 years of farming left unless drastic action is taken, the need for science-backed decisions could not be greater. Businesses and policy makers hold the key to change and with access to Cervest’s proprietary AI technology they can start to make that change a reality at low cost – before it’s too late.

What’s Next for Cervest

As noted earlier, Cervest is planning to launch its beta version alongside European map. The recently raised investment would be used to employ competent hands, market the platform and build proprietary data assets.

Takeaway Points

  • Cervest is a Europe-based platform that uses billions of data points to forecast the future impact of climate on land-based assets. 
  • Cervest’s model combines techniques from proven Earth sciences – including atmospheric science, meteorology, hydrology and agronomy – with satellite imagery, AI, machine learning and probability theory.
  • The Cervest team consists of around 26 professionals from various institutions, academic backgrounds and fields.
  • Cervest is planning to launch its beta version in early 2020.
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