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With the goal of creating an energy system based on 60% renewable energy by 2050 in Europe, there are various actions that need to be taken to achieve this. This Energy Transition is being guided by innovation, and here you will find the startups and individuals that are helping us reach that goal.

Munich-based Battery Specialist TWAICE Raises €11 Million Series A Round

The battery analytics software startup out of Munich, TWAICE, has successfully raised €11 million in funds in...

Sulapac & Bloom: Can Plants Solve Our Plastic Problem?

A race to come up with a material that is as versatile and cost-effective as plastic, with the necessary addition of biodegradability, is underway. Here we explore the technology of Sulapac and Bloom Biorenewables, two companies innovating on traditional plastic.

Sky Ocean Ventures Offers €1.1M to Tackle Plastic Waste Issue

Plastic waste has been an issue that endangers marine life for years. Therefore, the British media company...

Cervest, a Climate Forecasting Company, Raises 4.3 Million EUR in Pre-Series A

Climate change could be swift or gradual, but it might not be unpredictable. With a combination of...

Soil Scout Raises Seed Funding to Wirelessly Monitor Soil

Soil Scout has started a late-seed funding round along with Husqvarna Group. Husqvarna Group is the leading...

Choose Your Energy Source and Cost with Power Ledger

What if you could earn or save money through selling and purchasing clean, cheap and reliable electricity from your next-door neighbors? Power Ledger makes that possible. 

Fresh Energy App Tells You How Much Energy Individual Devices Consume

Do you know how much electricity your fridge consumes? The Berlin-based startup Fresh Energy collects energy consumption data to provide their customers with valuable insights in real time.

LO3 Energy is Making Democratized Energy a Reality

What if you could buy and sell excess energy with your neighbors? One US-based startup aims to make this the energy model of the future.

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