Fresh Energy App Tells You How Much Energy Individual Devices Consume

Do you know how much electricity your fridge consumes? The Berlin-based startup Fresh Energy collects energy consumption data to provide their customers with valuable insights in real time.

  • Fresh Energy provides power and simultaneously encourages its users to become active savers.
  • Each users get a Free Smart Meter for usage.
  • Usage-based billings; paying only for what you use.

Fresh Energy is a start-up which was mainly established in order to increase customer awareness of the amount of electricity they are consuming each and every day. Consequently, to make energy transparent and provide superior customer value.

The company achieves this goal by combing green electricity, Smart Meter and a smartphone app. It works like this: Fresh Energy provides a Smart Meter which identifies how much electricity each user is consuming by complex algorithms, pattern recognition and machine learning. Ultimately, the device calculates how much the electricity will cost you. Over time, Fresh energy tries to transform its users in smart energy users and active savers themselves.

How Does it Work?

Fresh Energy replaces your current electricity meter with an intelligent, Smart Meter which is directly connected to your router. So, no matter where you place your meter, info will always be transmitted through internet. Once the company gathers all the needed information, they analyse the device’s behaviour in order to understand your consumption.

Next, they safely store the data in a data center in Germany and use it to constantly provide new data from the Smart Meter. Apart from your daily consumption, Fresh Energy provides monthly summary and various ways to reduce energy consumption.

The billings of Fresh Energy are usage based, and there are no pre-calculated instalments. Furthermore, the company gives you power not only to improve your own life, but contribute to the society by helping the environment.

Fresh energy is a part of innogy family and cooperate with the Smart Meter company Discovery. The company supply the customers with 100% green electricity from Fresh Energy, but it is not only a pure power supply company.

The combination of green electricity, Smart Meter and smartphone app opens up new possibilities for its customers: they transform from an energy consumer to an active energy user, who have their energy and costs under control at all times. In this way, they save electricity and money together, keeping the environment happy.

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