24. May 2020

Aktiia raises 6.000.000 CHF in funding to bring to market its cuffless optical blood pressure monitor

€ 6.000.000 CHF
Angel Investment
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Neuchâtel, March 24, 2020 – Aktiia, a Swiss-US startup that has developed an optical blood pressure monitor at the wrist, has raised an additional 6.000.000 CHF in funding to bring its product to market.

Aktiia’s technology is based on 15 years of research by its founders. In 2018, Aktiia raised a 4.000.000 CHF Seed Round of funding and the company was incorporated, with the mission to reduce the burden of hypertension. In the past two years, the Aktiia team has translated scientific knowledge into a complete solution for cuffless blood pressure monitoring, using standard optical sensors to take accurate blood pressure readings around the clock without interrupting daily life.

Aktiia’s bracelet and algorithms have now been validated in clinical trials against arterial lines (the gold standard for clinical reference) and in ambulatory settings. Never before has it been possible to measure blood pressure profiles around the clock over long periods of time. This valuable and unique dataset will allow for broader insights into the diagnosis and treatment of hypertension, the largest epidemic of humankind.

Aktiia is in the final steps of taking this new solution to market, pending FDA clearance and CE mark. This 6.000.000 CHF in new funding, led by the Switzerland based Redalpine, will fuel Aktiia in achieving these goals. The round includes a strategically recruited international investor syndicate: Translink Capital (Palo Alto, US), Investiere (Zurich, Switzerland), Libra (New York, US), Christian Wenger (Zurich, Switzerland), Sparks Street Capital (Boston, US) and Barbaric Holdings (Montreal, Canada) underpinning the company with a global network and commercialization experience.

the team who created the optical blood pressure monitor

“Getting blood pressure data 24/7, day and night, is a paradigm shift in the daily management of hypertension and will trigger a whole range of novel health- and wellness-related applications,” stated Michael Sidler, Co-Founder and Partner of Redalpine.