10. June 2020

Freigeist Capital Bets On Kraftblock for the Coming Energy Transition

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The Freigeist Team has made it its mission to invest in cutting-edge technologies that improve our daily lives, make us more sustainable and, in short, make our world a better place. We see technological breakthroughs as our best chance in taking on global challenges such as climate change and resource scarcity.

That’s why we’re looking forward to advancing the sustainable energy transition together with energy storage startup Kraftblock.

Transitioning to sustainable energy sources is one of the most vital challenges we face in the 21st century. It’s only a matter of time until fossil fuels such as oil, gas and coal will be depleted. Even worse are the effects that the usage of these fuels is having on the planet right now. Climate change is an undeniable reality. The icecaps are melting, the seas are rising, and the environment and its inhabitants are already suffering the consequences.

It is our shared responsibility to stop climate change and create a more sustainable world that, in the future, takes its energy from exclusively renewable sources. To achieve this, it’s essential to separate energy production and energy consumption, because producing solar and wind power is dependent on natural conditions and therefore not controllable. For the world to transition to exclusively renewable energy sources by 2050, more than 15,000 TWh of storage capacity are required. That’s more than 23 times higher than Germany’s yearly energy requirements.

To successfully transition to cleaner energies, we need an efficient, sustainable and environmentally friendly solution to storing energy.

Kraftblock provides the solution to storing large amounts of energy.

What makes Kraftblock the best answer to the global challenge of storing that much energy?

Current thermal energy storage technologies use salts and concrete, which can absorb heats up to 500-600 degrees Celsius. However, after many years of research and development, Kraftblock CEO Dr. Martin Schichtel has created a special type of granules that can store heat up to 1,300°C. Not only does this make Kraftblock the most efficient form of thermal energy storage, but also the most cost-efficient and sustainable form of energy storage (electricity – heat – electricity) in general, thanks to its high storage capacity and energy density. The uniform size and modular assembly of the storage medium mean that it can be produced cost-effectively and expanded easily. The components are made of 100% inexhaustible materials and up to 85% of materials used for production were previously recycled. Kraftblock also has a virtually infinite lifespan.

To compare: Lithium-ion batteries use finite resources and have a lifespan of 6000 cycles. Their energy density is about 300 kWh/㎥.

Kraftblock uses unlimited Ressources and has a virtually infinite lifespan, tested up to 15,000 cycles. Its energy density is 1,2 MWh/㎥.

The upfront cost for a Kraftblock is only a tenth of the investment per kWh and the levelized cost of electricity is less than a third compared to lithium-ion batteries.

All this means that Kraftblock can store extremely high amounts of energy sustainably and cost-efficiently while using little space. With its uniform and expandable components, the storage medium is easily scalable and can be employed in a variety of use-cases (Power to Heat, Heat to Power, Heat to Heat, Power to Power).

We firmly believe in the product and are confident in the creators. Martin has a doctorate degree in chemistry and nanotechnology and a deep understanding of the inner workings of thermal energy storage. He discovered the special granule type with its remarkable heat-retaining capacity. Susanne has many years of experience as CFO and Risk Manager in an international business.

Kraftblock wants to establish this pioneering energy storage solution and thereby become a key player in the coming transition towards more sustainable energy. Kraftblock is building a network of capable partners for further pilot projects in a multitude of application areas.