10. June 2020

SunCrafter Wins First Prize in Global Hackathon With Solar-Powered UVC Light Sanitizer

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Berlin, 16.04.2020: In a global hackathon aimed to develop solutions to combat COVID-19,
the Berlin-based cleantech startup SunCrafter has been awarded first prize for their
prototype of a UVC light disinfection tool which is powered by an off-grid solar system. The
technology used for disinfection utilizes far UVC light to eliminate harmful pathogens without damaging skin and eyes, contrary to usual UV light, which also has sanitizing abilities but is not safe to use on the human body. To achieve this effect, the wavelength of the far UVC light waves cannot exceed 222nm.
By demonstrating that the far UVC technology can be combined with an off-grid solar system as its source of power, SunCrafter sheds light on the huge potential impact this could have on the ongoing battle against COVID-19. „Especially in areas where both access to running water and sanitary products as well as a power infrastructure is critical, we have to come up with innovative way to enable people to comply with hygiene standards”, says Lisa Wendzich, co-founder and CEO of SunCrafter.
Backed by the UN and the EU commission, #TheGlobalHack has been one of the biggest
online hackathons dedicated to this topic so far, spanning over 12.000 participants from
more than 100 countries. The first prize has been awarded with a prize money of 15.000

(UVC disinfection hub, powered by off-grid solar system EasyPanel. © 2020 by SunCrafter)