26. March 2020

Uprise Energy Has Developed the World’s First Mobile Wind Turbine

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Wind energy is one of the most preferred renewable energy sources. Although it is a sustainable and clean form of energy, it also presents various challenges. As a costly energy generation method, setting up a wind turbine in the right location and saving the generated energy is a problem that discourages. Furthermore, the need for investment infrastructure also eliminates it as a viable solution in response to emergencies. San Diego-based Uprise Energy decided to tackle this problem with a new approach. It created the world’s first commercially-sized mobile wind turbine and this smart innovation makes wind energy accessible for a new market.

Steadily Increasing the Expansion of Wind Energy

This image features the wind turbine developed by the uprise energy.
The wind turbine generated by the Uprise Energy can be easily carried to a remote location and installed.

According to the International Renewable Energy Agency, wind energy is the world’s second most preferred renewable energy source. While 50% of the renewable energy in the world comes from hydro energy, wind energy holds second place with 24% and 564 GW per year. It shows a steady increase with +10% compared to the previous year. As a result, the wind energy market, as well as players within this market, also increase.

During 2019, wind energy was mostly expanded in China and the USA. The former had 20 GW and the latter 7 GW in 2019. Brazil, France, Germany, India and the UK follow with 1 GW each. The geographical diversity in wind energy shows that with the right technology, wind energy can be used in many different countries around the world. Uprise Energy’s solution also becomes more meaningful when these global statistics in renewable energy are considered.

In spite of this steady increase, challenges of wind energy are still waiting to be addressed. Since it is a costly investment, users accept a high financial return as a result of their investment. In addition, transport of the turbine to a location that is suitable for installation is a challenge in itself.

Introducing Uprise Energy: Mobile Wind Turbine

San Diego-based renewable energy company Uprise Energy approached this problem in a unique way. Instead of imagining wind turbines as fixed investments with no capacity to mobilize, the company created the world’s first mobile wind turbine. This innovative approach makes wind energy more attractive by making it easy to transfer and install.

The mobile wind turbine developed by Uprise Energy can fit in a standard 20-foot or 6-meter shipping container. This allows for standardized shipping and global distribution. Also, thanks to its structure, this wind turbine can be conveniently delivered with standard vehicles or tractors. Furthermore, it only takes one person to set up the entire turbine in one hour, without any prior site improvements or any special equipment. This unique design makes it far more accessible compared with conventional wind energy generators.

High Power in Low Wind Speed

The wind turbine developed by Uprise Energy is not only mobile but also very effective. Unlike most conventional wind turbines that are working at a constant speed, Uprise’s wind turbine optimizes the power of the wind accordingly. Therefore, the turbine operates with a wider range of wind speeds and optimizes the energy that can be generated from it. When the wind speed is low, the turbine still continues to work properly. In a way, this technology works with the wind instead of working against it.

The optimized and mobile structure of the wind turbine of Uprise Energy has many environmental advantages. Communities that are predominantly using diesel power generators can significantly benefit from this new technology. Those power generators are also environment-friendly alternatives in emergency responses or disaster relief situations. Instead of depending on energy sources that are harmful to the environment, wind turbines developed by Uprise Energy can be used in such situations.

Experience Meets Innovation

Uprise Energy Team that developed wind energy solutions
Uprise Energy Team

Uprise Energy is not a new name for those in the renewable energy industry. The company brings its years-long experience in today’s renewable energy market. It was originally founded around the mid-1990s when CEO John Knight’s yah company Knight & Carver Yachtcenter (K&C) started to work on finding a solution to the blade failures in wind turbines. The company’s blade construction, testing techniques and the development of the STAR blade increase its activity in the renewable energy sector. With this innovation, it has already proved its significance as an important player within the renewable energy market.

Today, Uprise Energy is looking forward to expanding in different markets. Based in San Diego, USA, the company is already active in Indonesia, American Samoa, Australia and Papua New Guinea. Next on the company agenda is to expand its operations in the Middle East and get into high-volume manufacturing. 

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