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These 18 Startups Sign up to Accelerate Energy Transition


Are you looking for a way to stay connected while camping? And what about a stove that charges your phone while cooking? BioLite offers off-grid energy devices to customers in outdoor and emerging markets. Based in New York City, BioLite was founded by two camping enthusiasts Jonathan and Alec. After being frustrated by the use of fossil fuels in almost all camping stoves, they put their heads together and came up with BioLite CampStove.

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In the next couple of decades, with our growing population, we will have to double food production on our planet. SOLHO has created a solution to this complex problem by creating an energy saving system called SPRHOUT to feed the mouths of these billions of people. It uses the sun and available water sources (for example sea or sewage water) to generate all the streams required to operate a greenhouse facility.

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The demand for electric vehicles has boomed in the past couple of years, and so has the need for charging stations for these vehicles. Xcharge is solving this problem by innovating and producing various smart charging stations throughout China and Europe in the future. Though, currently their next mission is to expand into European territory, in which they have already set up an office in Hamburg Germany.

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Acacia Innovations

The rate of deforestation in Kenya is alarming. Trees are burned for charcoal, the main source of cooking fuel, which is also responsible for harmful indoor pollution. Kenyan startup Acacia Innovations aims to tackle both of the issues. The startup manufactures smokeless briquettes made of sugarcane waste. They distribute their clean cooking solutions to schools, hotels, hospitals and restaurants.

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Traditional building heating systems are flawed. Founded in 2011 in Helsinki, Finland, Leanheat is an artificially intelligent heating system for multi-family residential buildings. Leanheat’s technology constantly maintains the optimal indoor climate. Their solution could reduce energy costs by 10-20%, improve indoor climate and make building maintenance is easier.

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LO3 Energy

What if you could buy and sell excess energy with your neighbours? One US-based startup aims to make this the energy model of the future. LO3 Energy aims to use blockchain technology to create new marketplaces in the electric grid industry. They want to allow people to buy and sell the bits of value in their homes when it comes to producing, storing, or generating energy.

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Hero Balancer

Some were partying non-stop, others founded their company at 17. Ted Braakman is the founder and CEO of Hero Balancer, a startup which adds artificial intelligence to the existing building management system to reduce costs and save energy. They offer an add-on for large-scale heating in offices, schools and apartment complexes.

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e·pilot is a German startup providing cloud-based solution that accompanies energy providers on a journey to digitization. They aim to bring together every player in the energy market to the end customer. They made sure all the right parties are involved by building a large network of specialists. However, they didn’t stop at the buy button but optimized the end customer experience throughout the entire process.

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Farmers throughout African countries face numerous problems including limited rainfall, high energy costs, and more. SunCulture solves this challenge by creating a low-cost solar-powered water extracting and irrigation system for these farmers to bring sustainable agriculture into the country. Their SunCulture AgroSolar irrigation system works by combining the energy efficiency of solar power with drip irrigation.

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Hydra Energy

We see cars powered by natural gas, ethanol or solar power, but hydrogen once promoted as the clean fuel of the future, has yet to meet its promise. A Vancouver-based company, Hydra Energy, came up with a solution to utilize waste hydrogen to solve the decarbonization dilemma. The company offers hydrogen as a direct combustible replacement for gas- and diesel-burning engines.

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Boreal Light

It can be sometimes easy to forget how we take clean drinking water for granted. Though, 1.8 billion people around the world still lack access to it. Boreal Light has developed Winture: a desalination system to provide rural communities with drinking water. They’re solving this prevalent problem by implementing their affordable solar seawater desalination/filtration systems for remote parts of the planet and off-grid applications.  

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Many pet owners want to be able to speak with their four-legged friends. The same goes for farmers. The Israeli startup Tevatronic came up with a solution that could help farmers understand their plants’ needs. They have introduced an autonomous irrigation system. The company claims their system is able to save up to 75% of water & fertilizer while increasing the yield.

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Envelio’s main objective is to contribute to a cost-effective shift in the current energy system in Germany. With their digital intelligent grid platform, envelio offers the planning and operation of networks in a more flexible manner. Their expertise is in developing and implementing efficient and cost-effective electricity grid platforms.

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Solar energy is one of the cheapest, most abundant, and cleanest forms of energy. Trine aims to change lives by making it easy for people to invest in it. Founded in 2015 in Gothenburg, Sweden, Trine is one of the biggest crowd investment in solar energy. It allows everyday people to invest in distributed solar energy in emerging markets. It further offers a great investment opportunity that mixes social and environmental impact with financial return.

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Hundreds of millions of people living in Africa and Asia are still living “off the grid“ with little or no access to electricity. Instead, many use kerosene lamps which produce dangerous fumes and frequently cause fires. On top of that, burning kerosene indoors causes harmful indoor air pollution. Based in London, Deciwatt aims to fight energy poverty. Harnessing human power, the startup developed a light that generates power with the pull of a cord.

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Uprise Energy

Californian startup Uprise Energy has found a solution that optimizes wind power to its fullest. They developed a portable wind turbine that is capable of extracting as much energy from the wind as possible. Their technology allows the power station to function effectively over a wider range of wind speeds, therefore, it takes advantage of the vast power in the wind.

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Fresh Energy

Do you want to finally take control over the amount of electricity your household devices consume? With Fresh Energy, you can get your own Smart Meter and improve your efficiency. The startup replaces your current electricity meter with an intelligent, Smart Meter, which is directly connected to your router. So, no matter where you place your meter, info will always be transmitted through internet.

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Skeleton Technologies

The future is now. Skeleton Technologies produces ultracapacitors that lasts 500 times longer than lithium-ion batteries. The startup has developed a device powered by SkelCap units that can collect the energy created when a train brakes, and then take that energy and put it toward the train’s acceleration. In addition, SkelCap can help trucks and other vehicles use up to nearly a third less fuel. Step aside for the energy storage devices of the future.

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Magdalena is writing about innovations and recent investments in the startup world. Originally coming from Slovakia, Magdalena has been writing for one of the largest consumer electronics retailers in Europe and has now immersed herself into the world of startups. Her educational background in Finance and Business Informatics has given her a broad base from which to approach many topics. In addition to that, she is a tech geek, passionate photographer and a lifelong dog lover.

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